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Rainy days requiere more care!

Rainy days requiere more care!

#SafetyInTheRain #SafeCycling #EbikeTips

Summer in Australia is known for its frequent rains, which increases the challenges for electric bike riders facing the streets daily. Aware of this reality, at Myebike, we have compiled a series of tips to help you avoid accidents during rainy periods.

Here are 10 essential tips to stay safe while riding your ebike in the rain:

Check the brakes: Make sure your brakes are in good working condition before heading out to ride. Reduce speed: Slow down to avoid skidding and maintain control of your ebike on wet surfaces. Use protective gear: Always wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear to ensure your safety in case of falls. Keep distance: Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians to avoid collisions. Avoid puddles: Puddles can hide obstacles and holes, so avoid them whenever possible. Be visible: Wear reflective clothing and accessories to ensure that other road users can see you clearly, especially in low visibility conditions. Proper lighting: Ensure that your lights are working correctly to improve your visibility to motorists. Pay attention to traffic signals: Respect traffic signals and road rules, even in rainy conditions. Avoid sharp turns: Avoid sharp turns and abrupt maneuvers that can be more dangerous on wet surfaces. Keep your ebike in good condition: Perform regular maintenance on your ebike to ensure that all components are functioning properly, especially tires, brakes, and electrical systems.