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Buy Electric Bikes for Sale Brisbane

Buy Electric Bike Brisbane with Wide Tires and 200 KM Range

Electric Bikes have become a popular way of transportation especially in societies where people care about environment and own well-being. It is no wonder that in the era of modern times, humans are converting towards cycling. The reasons include cycling energize people to have a healthy life-style, reduce carbon emissions to help mother planet heal from global warming. To navigate the different surfaces and terrains, ebikes have become popular in Australia and especially in Brisbane. When you plan to buy electric bike Brisbane, there is no other better option than My e Bike.

Enjoy Riding Anti-Puncture Bike

We have a wide range of electric bikes for the residents of Brisbane. You can explore our listings as well. If you want a durable bike, it is the anti-puncture NCM Bike that is all time favourite in Brisbane.

We recommend to buy NCM Bike Brisbane from us as it is a robust e-bike that comes with fat anti-puncture tires.  The NCM Bike is a robust e-bike that comes with fat anti-puncture tires. The NCM bike is best for any terrain due to its robust design. You can navigate through the city streets, cycleway, racing through the deserts, climbing rough mountain patches or surf beaches.

The model boasts of a formidable 48V 21 Ah lithium battery that gives you power for longer rides and speeds up to 25 km/h (15 mph). This makes it suitable for many terrains such as sand and gravel surfaces which poses a challenge to other bikes in this category.

The NCM Bike also features hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels making it safe to ride in all weathers especially during rainy season when most riders avoid riding due to slippery roads caused by puddles or wet mud from rainwater collecting at the side of trails or tracks etc...

Bike Tire Dimensions

The NCM e bike is 20 inches long and 4 inches wide, providing a strong grip on any surface. This electric scooter comes in two colours: black and red. The NCM e bike has a long battery life, with a 48V 21 Ah battery and hydraulic brakes, allowing you to ride for long periods of time without worrying about the battery dying. It also comes with a two-year guarantee that expires after 3000km on your bike, so you can be confident that this product will last you at least two years, if not longer, depending on how much mileage you get every day.

The NCM e bike has a peak speed of 35 km/h, however we recommend riding it no faster than 25 km/h to avoid damaging its engine and other parts/systems inside it owing to high-speed vibrations that can cause irreversible damage over time, such as cracks in crucial components such as the frame or tires, etc.

NCM Bike Offer Up to 200 KM Range

It combines all of this with a high quality Das-Kit 48v 10008Wh removable and lockable extra-large battery. This bike's Das-Kit 48v 10008Wh removable and lockable extra-large battery is equipped with Tektro Hydraulic Disc. These brakes are not only easy to use but also very powerful. Its speed drivetrain provides smooth and reliable shifting over a wide range of gears. The bike comes with 8 speed gears.

Bike Suspension

This bike is equipped with front suspension fork that can absorb all the bumps on the road while you are riding it to give you more comfort while riding over bumpy roads or tracks. It has an alloy crankcase which allows it to be lightweight and at the same time sturdy enough not to break down even if it falls from high places like stairs etc.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The frame of this model is made from high quality aluminum alloy material which makes it strong yet lightweight so that when you ride this bike around cities or streets you don't feel any stress or pressure on your body as well as its wheels will not get punctured easily because they have been made from high quality rubber tyres which will never get punctured easily even if there are many holes in them due to age or wear out

Superior Ride Experience

NCM bikes are designed and engineered to provide a superior ride. We take the time to understand what type of riding you do and how you want your bike to perform. We choose this bike design keeping in view the information provided by cyclists, ensuring that you get a comfortable, safe and stylish ride.

NCM Electric Bikes for Sale Brisbane with Tektro Hydraulic Disc

NCM electric bikes for sale Brisbane offers by My e Bike Brisbane can be you best purchase. You’re going to love the Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes on this model. These brakes are easy to use and they offer great stopping power, which makes them safe and reliable. In addition, disc brakes have a number of advantages over rim brakes that make them more desirable for urban commuters such as yourself.

Rim brakes are made up of two pads that squeeze around an inner tube that turns with your wheel when you brake. When these pads get wet or dirty, their performance can be significantly weakened, even making it hard to stop at all! This is especially dangerous in rainy conditions; disc brakes don’t have this problem because they don't rely on moving parts like rim-brake systems do - instead they press directly against the wheel itself using hydraulic fluid or mechanical calipers instead! Discs also tend to last longer than rims because there isn't any wear from friction between metal surfaces (as happens during braking).

Promax Seat Suspension Gives Comfortable Ride Experience

NCM Bikes is awesome with its Extra comfort with Promax seat suspension and extra wide Selle Royal saddle. The Promax seat suspension is designed to provide added comfort when riding over rough terrain. You can also adjust the tilt of your seat so that it fits you perfectly and allows you to ride in an upright position, which is ideal for long distance cycling trips or commuters who prefer level seating positions.

The wide Selle Royal saddle comes equipped with a gel-filled padding that helps absorb shock during long commutes or races by reducing impact on sensitive areas such as your tailbone and backside. This makes riding more comfortable than ever before!

NCM Bike Service Guide

We do recommend to service your bike once in a month. This will ensure that the chain, battery working, controller settings, gear check-up and other adjustment is as per standard. My E bike Brisbane provides e-bike servicing to all of our customers.

Door-To-Door eBike Service and Repair Shop Brisbane

We take pride in announcing that we have a team of certified experts at our Bike Repair Shop in Brisbane. You can book appointment to fix your bike at our shop or our eBike mechanic can visit you to fix the problem or service it at your door step.

$100 Bronze Service for your eBike

We do offer a bike service package which covers the following points:

  • e-bike battery check
  • e-bike motor check
  • check for lubrication of bike chain
  • Wheel and spokes check
  • Bike tires inflate
  • Bike tubes pressure check
  • Repair and align bike gears
  • Wheels true (minor)

Buy Electric Bikes Brisbane from Best E Bike Store

With its high-quality, reliable design, the NCM E-Bike will last you a long time. And if something does go wrong, our service team will be on hand to help you get back on the road again. When you want to buy electric bike Brisbane, you can trust My e Bike Brisbane.