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Electric scooter repairs

Electric scooter repairs best price

The after-sales service for all electric scooters is offered by myebike team. We have experienced technicians who can provide bike servicing, electric scooter repairs and general maintenance services.

We are able to check all the scooters problem. Many clients don't follow the basic maintenance guide witch they could do themselves to avoid regular issue with their scooter, such as pump up scooter tyres, brakes adjustments, tite bolts and most importantly ride the electric scooter nicelly.

We offer with free delivery for scooter accessories, parts and some time when we don't have the part we simply assist our clients ordering the parts so we can get their electric scooter repaired.

We recommend client have their scooter serviced every 3 months.

General service $100

• Brakes adjustment

• Tyres inflated to correct pressure

• Screws check

• Motor adjustment

• Handlebar adjustment

• Suspension adjustment

• Battery check

• All lights checked

Puncture and tyres repair

Scooter has very small wheels, flat tyres are one of the more common issues that arise with electric scooters. We have a high range tyres and tubes for a wide selection of scooter brands and models including Xiomi, Zero, VSETT, Hero, Segway ninebot.

We can also provide puncture repair, scooter tyre and tube replacement from our stores located in Brisbane and Sydney.

To repair an electric scooter tyre is not the same as repair a bike or motorcycle tyre. A scooter tire can take to be properly repair up to to 2 hours.

Important: Scooter tubes and tubes or any parts are not included in the service.

We do our best to inform the maintenance price on spot also the scooter service can be done on the same day o max 78 hours if the client approves the service.

Flat rate Diagnosing Fault

Electric issue check $60

Display replacement and repair

Communication cables check

Battery cells check

Scooter hydraulic brakes

Brakes system are the most powerful safety feature of an electric scooter. To prevent a visit to hospital a good set of brakes are highly recommended.

Hydraulic disc brakes work with fluid-filled (hydraulic) to control the brake scooter calipers. When you activate the brake lever, it increases the pressure in the hydraulic housing which are connected direct to the brake callipers. the hydraulic brake gives you the control of your scooter, it is recommended you always check the oil level and if the scooter calliper is dry and healthy, keeping the calliper always dry with no oils leaking is the key to have a long live of a hydraulic scooter bake plus always checking the durability of the brake pads.

Mineral oil bleeding $50 (each)

Calliper and lever check $50

Pad replacement $25 (each)

Hydraulic brake system replacement $70 (each)


The traffic can be stressed on a regular basis plus spending money parking is not fun.

Then an electric scooter is the base and cheaper solution for you. commuting from work or school or just getting around town, an electric scooter is a great way to get around quickly and easily while reducing reliance on your car or public transport.

Invest in an electric scooter will offer you the following points:

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