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NCM Bikes Brisbane

NCM Bikes Brisbane with 48V 21 Ah Battery Hydraulic Brakes

NCM Bikes Brisbane is the most in demand electric bike that is favorable for all terrains without any doubt.  This e-bike comes with a high quality Das Kit 48V 10008Wh removable and lockable extra-large battery with up to 200 KM range. This generous range ensures that you have enough power to get you where you need to go.

All Surface eBike For You

The NCM bike is best for any terrain due to its robust design. You can navigate through the city streets, cycleways, racing through the deserts, climbing rough mountain patches or surf beaches. The NCM bike is built to handle all terrains and conditions with ease.

The frame is made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy while the rims are constructed from solid steel. This combination gives you a lightweight yet durable ride that will last you years to come! It features a 21 Ah battery that gives you a range of up to 36km on one charge which makes it perfect for everyday commuting needs without having to worry about finding an outlet every time your battery runs out of power!

Firm Grip on Any Surface

The NCM e bike comes with 20 inch size with a width of 4 inch that gives firm grip on any surface. This electric scooter is available in two colors, black and red. The NCM e bike has a good battery life with 48V 21 Ah battery hydraulic brakes that allow you to ride for long hours without worrying about the battery going flat out. It also comes with a 2 year warranty which ends after the first 3000km traveled on your bike, so you can be sure that this product will last you at least 2 years if not more depending on how much mileage you get per day.

The NCM e bike runs at 35 km/h top speed but we recommend riding it no faster than 25 km/h as anything higher than this could damage its motor and other parts/systems inside it due to high-speed vibrations which may cause irreparable damage over time causing cracks in key components such as frame or tires etc...

Most Comfortable and Revolutionary NCM Bikes Brisbane

The NCM Bikes Brisbane is most comfortable and revolutionary E-Bike we have ever made. It comes with a large 48V 21 Ah battery, which allows you to ride for more than 30 kilometers on a single charge. The NCM Brisbane Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with fat anti-puncture tires that help it absorb all the bumps in the road for a smoother ride. The mountain bike has a strong frame and powerful rear hub motor that makes commuting fun and easy. You can also use this electric bicycle to perform tasks such as grocery shopping, package delivery or even as your daily commuter!

Smooth and Reliable Shifting over a Wide Range of Gears

It is easy to use the bike and shift gears. The gears are reliable and give smooth shifting during performance. This allows you to change speed at ease with a wide range of speeds. The bike comes with 8 speed gears which makes it one of the best bikes for cycling enthusiasts in Brisbane.

Handle Almost Any Terrain You Throw at Them

These incredible tires can handle almost any terrain you throw at them. With a width of 2.8 inches and a weight of just 15 pounds each, these tires are wide and fat, but also puncture resistant, durable, comfortable and quiet on the road.

They're also great for off-roading because they have thick treads that give you traction on uneven roads and rocky surfaces while still being able to grip onto the road when you need it most!

NCM ebike by My e Bike Gives a Range of 150 to 200 KM

Depending on the conditions and terrains, NCM ebike by My e Bike gives a range of 150 to 200 KM. If you are riding on a flat road at moderate speeds, then your range will be more than other riders because of the extra weight they carry with them. The heavier you are, the less distance you can cover as compared to lighter riders.

Experienced cyclists can ride longer distances as compared to beginners who have just started cycling and are not used to cycling at all.

Also, if you have good fitness level then also it helps in improving your riding range as compared to an unfit rider or one that does not exercise regularly.

NCM Bike Warranty

  • NCM Bike Warranty includes 1-Year for electronic parts (battery, motor, controller, lights and display). Our bikes are water resistant, however water damage isn't covered in warranty.
  • Keep your bike clean at all times to avoid any issues as it ages. If you do have trouble with your bike after the first year of ownership and it's not due to wear or tear, there may be a small service fee associated with that repair depending on the problem.